Porotherm Profi Video Ad Creative

With our experience and a good creative idea, we won Wienerberger’s trust in the realization of a one-minute advertising video and 30 seconds advertising radio spot for the new in Bulgaria Porotherm DryFix system and new construction block Porotherm Profi! The message that the video was to convey was precisely defined – the new system provides a faster, drier, safer and more sustainable building solution than traditional building blocks.

Porotherm Profi Video Shoot

In a pandemic situation, we had to deal in an extremely short deadline with the creative, preparation, shooting and production of the advertising video. We branded with appropriate creatives the “Wienerberger construction site”, realized in our video production studio.

We had only a day for the video shoot. Each frame was very well thought out and visualized in advance. With a precisely prepared story board, strict planning and no improvisations during the shooting, we managed to cope with the short deadline. Our “master” – the actor Stanislav Dimitrov, coped well with the challenge of building the walls with large format ceramic blocks  Porotherm.

Video Shoot Wienerberger

Porotherm Profi Radio Spot

Radio Spot supported Wienerberger’s internet campaign with short and memorable messages.

Lukovit Plant Film

After the construction of the plant in Bulgaria, Wienerberger needed to promote Porotherm products. The film we made for the production of Porotherm showed the extremely automated production process of the ceramic blocks and the quality materials that are used in their production.

Wienerberger Product Films

For Wienerberger Bulgaria we created numerous product films for their YouTube channel, presenting the brands Porothrem and Tondach.

Porotherm and Tondach TV Product Placement

By participating in the show Mission My Home, we were able to increase brand awareness and explain to consumers why they should build their home with Wienerberger ceramic products.

Wienerberger Bricks 3D Models

3D visuals for Wienerberger building blocks.