Moment Marketing Strategy and Planning

In the communication of the wide range of Moment adhesives we have included different channels. We started from the beginning, presenting to the consumers what this montage glue is, actively including it through product placement in the TV show Mission My Home.
We started the visual communication in order to establish the brand with POS, merchandising and branding of vehicles of distributors.

Moment Creative and Production

A variety of printed materials have played a role in educating consumers.
The rapid realization from the idea to the final production helped to impose the brand in the minds of consumers as a first choice.

Merchandise placement planning

Fully developed merchandising programs for both traditional trade and modern trade.

Moment Promotions

Organizing and comprehensive service of various promotions. Monitoring the proper organization and behavior of customers during the promotions at points of sale – small and large.


Moment Products Photoshoot

Photo shoot and editing for all of Moment Products.

Moment Vehicle Branding

Distributor vehicles branding with the used visions to achieve greater consistency of visual communication. Interesting and memorable visions are used.