a team of highly qualified professionals with different sets of skills.


15 years of experience working with the companies producing construction and DIY products.


precisely, approaching each project differently


in representing Construction, Home renovation and DIY products.


several powerful communication channels –  TV Shows, Web Streaming Platforms and Social Communities

Marketing Strategy and Planning

We understand the specific needs of people involved in construction, because for 15 years we have been working with the largest manufacturers of construction and DIY products.

Combining our 7 year experience as a full service advertising agency for Henkel Adhesives (Ceresit, Moment, Thomsit) with all our work for other big companies, we have developed and understanding for the market in the construction and DIY products segment.

Creative and Production

Internationally recognized, our creative ideas have proven their efficiency and class. From whole campaigns to single ads, we have always exceeded expectations. Having the opportunity to develop all creative forms and projects in-house gives us control over whole process.

Premium Communication Channels

As a leader in the field, we have developed our own communication channels that have proven their effectiveness through the years. The TV Shows “Mission My Home” (construction and renovation) and “To Know How” (DIY), each with their specific fans, have given us the opportunity to build a trusty relationship with the target  audience.

In addition to our Web Streaming Platforms (mmd.bg and dzk.bg),we have developed several Social communities and forums,

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