About Us

Point Studio has been established as an advertising agency in 2005.

Since the beginning we specialize in serving companies in the construction and home renovation business.

In our portfolio as an advertising agency we have clients like Henkel, Weber, Knauf, Wienerberger, Bramac, Poxipol.

The growth of the construction business and the need for promoting innovative construction products motivated us to create the TV show “Mission My Home” in 2007 (www.mmd.bg). “Mission My Home” is a unique TV project in Bulgaria dedicated to construction, home renovation, furnishing and design. Together with the website, “Mission My Home” is a suitable platform for promoting and educating about new products and systems.

For 15 years our team has been focused in serving clients and brands from the construction and home renovation business. Through the years we have build trust and business relationships with top companies, distributors, sellers and manufacturers in this area.

Our purpose is to be the leader in working with companies that provide sustainable development in all the areas for a better and more comfortable living.

Our vision is establishing long lasting relations with our partners, knowing their business and products, working together to achieve their goals.

Our goal is to expand our business with new partnerships, relying on our know-how, experience and contacts, methodically build and kept through the years.

15 years as a full-service advertising agency focused in serving clients in construction, home renovation and DIY business.

2005 – 2020 : Marketing services for Weber, Bramac, Henkel, Knauf, JobTiger, San Marco.

2005 – 2010 : Full-service advertising agency for Henkel Adhesives Bulgaria.

2007 – 2020 : Mission My Home TV Show (www.mmd.bg) – We are the producers and owners of the unique TV show in Bulgaria that is presenting innovative construction products and systems. Market leaders like Henkel, Weber, Baumit, Mapei, Wienerberger, Xella, Knauf, Rigips, San Marco, PipeLife, Grohe, IdealStandard, Bramac, HL have found “Mission My Home” as a useful platform for presenting their products.

2019 – 2020 : To Know How TV Show (www.dzk.bg) – Our newest TV Show, aimed both for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

2007 – 2020 : Commercial, educational and how-to video clips for many top brands in the construction business.