Ceresit Tile Adhesives Ads – Idea, Creative, Production

Our bold and exclusive ideas win not only competitions, but also customers for our customers. In the communication of simple construction products we bring more feeling and emotion.

Ceresit Tile Adhesive – Photo Sessions

Working for Ceresit has brought us a lot of satisfaction and creative challenges, starting with the idea, going through production and reaching consumers through effective media planning.
The photo sessions for the top products of Ceresit were realized with famous sports personalities.

Ceretherm Internation Ad – International competition for creative and TV advertising production

We won an international competition for creative and television advertising production, announced by Henkel’s headquarter in Dusseldorf. Our small agency won the competition against large international agencies with a simple creative idea of what thermal insulation is. The production and post-production of the advertisement are made entirely in Bulgaria. The ad was broadcast in 10 countries in Europe.

Ceretherm 30″ Ad Production

The shots for the video were made in several locations and in a studio with a specially made decor. The post-production and 3D animations included in the final version of the video contribute to the easy perception of the message and the solution of the problem.

Ceretherm Internationa Video Ad – Making

It was a challenge and a pleasure for us to work on the realization of this project.

Ceresit Product Images

Photo shoot and editing for all of Ceresit and Moment products.